If you're really in the mood for misery...

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You're not alone.

Since our book debuted, we've received scores of messages from people either sharing their horror stories, or dangling the tantalizing fact of their HAVING untold number of such tales from the singles’ crypt.

We think simply venting is its own juicy reward.  Plus you get to read about the whack nights of your comrades.  However, to somewhat sweeten the deal, we're going to give away a copy of our book (autographed of course) to The Best Worst Date stories.


Step 1. Go on a truly abysmal date.

Step 2. select your preferred form of recovery (i.e. voodoo doll, vindictive blogging, ben & jerry’s, a friend’s shoulder, hair of the dog that bit you, etc.)

Step 3. send us an e-mail by clicking the link below. go on, let it all out. You can even send us a photo to illustrate your story (assuming you’ve used one of those infamous black bars to conceal the offender’s identity).

Step 4. understand that by entering your sob story, you are acknowledging that you own the copyright to all materials you send our way, and that you understand we’re going to post the nightmare-inspiring entries here for all to rubberneckingly admire.

Please be sure to sign your entries with the name/nickname you’d like us to use. we will not post your real name or e-mail address, and your information will not be used for any other purpose. the last thing we want is to be responsible for more losers hounding you...

So saddle up - click here - and let 'er rip.
And be prepared to cringe...